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Individualized Coaching Program

Are you a Development professional with fewer than 10 years of experience?

Are you often unsure of how to take on the varied responsibilities of your position?

Are you in an organization where you aren't sure who you can ask for guidance?

Do you have the drive to do well, you just feel like you need some help?

Allow Pisgah Consulting to bring its years of development and organizational experience to your aid.


Every participant will be assigned an experienced coach and will receive monthly:


An introductory exploratory call of 30 minutes

  • Two coaching sessions lasting between 30 - 60 minutes

  • Unlimited emails, phone calls and texts

  • One cohort gathering (virtually) every six months with a guest speaker/thought leader

Cost: $4000 for six months, $7500 for the year or $700 on a month-by-month basis.

To apply, click Here.


For more information, contact or call 470-300-0082

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