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Find your Giving Tuesday...or Giving Wednesday, Thursday, etc.

Very soon your inbox will be FILLED with requests to support organizations you support, have supported or may be interested in supporting. Unfortunately, it is likely that you will also receive requests from organizations that you never heard of before. This is the what happens on Giving Tuesday.

When the idea for a day of giving was launched more than a decade ago, I loved the idea. I am not a big shopper, so I loved a day of spending to support the environment, social service needs, camps, etc.

Now it is far removed from its origin. It is great for some large organizations, but it isn't for the many small and mid-sized organizations trying to make it to a successful year-end. Big organizations suck all the air out of the limited space and that makes it harder for the small organizations to raise any money. Worse for some, they feel that they need to spend money to get seen on Giving Tuesday.

The solution is pretty simple. Find your own Giving Day. Maybe it is the day you were founded. The birthday of a long-time donor. The anniversary of your move to a new location. You get the idea. One of my clients choose the day the property became a special place, the camp that has been around for almost 80 years. The date is June 21st. That is their giving day. My alma mater, the University of Florida, choose a date in February to honor an iconic personality at football games in The Swamp.

The idea is to pick a day that you can own without trying to compete. You have your donors' attention without distraction. You will probably feel better and raise more money. It also aligns with who you are. Not just a Tuesday in November.

I am happy to talk more, if you are interested.

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