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Let us be your guide along the path of development success.

Pisgah Consulting offers full-service management of development operations. 


We collaborate with clients by first functioning and identifying as the organization’s development professional, overseeing all critical development functions.  We seamlessly embed into your organization, using your email and business card, giving your organization the credibility and results of having a full-time development staff, but on a fractional basis. 


As expert strategists, we help our clients with their most complex challenges and build impactful solutions to help them achieve sustained growth.  It is our goal to build the organization’s capacity, and therefore it can and should hire an in-house development professional.  At this time, Pisgah moves into a supportive role, both for the development professional and the organization as a whole, advising, coaching, and serving as needed focusing on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities.  Our drive and passion create tangible growth for our clients.

Our Services Include:
  • Building a yearly development plan

  • Development staff and volunteer leadership coaching

  • Serving as interim staff

  • Major gifts, recuring gifts, and legacy giving

  • Training boards, teams, and volunteers to support development

  • Data entry, building data, utilizing data, and donor segmentation

  • Stewardship plan

  • Messaging for development

  • Collaborating on events that have a development component

  • On-going reporting, board reporting, and development committee reporting

  • Periodical check-ins and strategy sessions

View of the Mountians in Pisgah National Forest

With Randy’s guidance, CVI is adjusting its fundraising enterprise to fully utilize the talents and skills of everyone on our small Development team. Within this new structure, the team is becoming more disciplined in following our fundraising process and being accountable to each other as well as our trustees.


Randy’s deep fundraising experience and his coaching style are both invaluable as we stretch to raise more funds for our agency than ever before.

Fontaine Huey, President, Center for the Visually Impaired

Pisgah Consulting is a featured consultant with Little Green Light, a CRM, to provide the necessary data so that you can focus on your mission.  We can manage data mapping and integration if you’re looking to make a change with your current service and try this great alternative. 

To learn more about how we can help you bridge your gap in development, contact us today!

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